Autism Speech Reviews

"Lauri, Brittany, Lindsey entertained, intrigued, and united the students in an understanding of some of the issues that people with autism, epilepsy, and other disabling issues face. Their ability to share their emotions associated with their courageous pursuit of education for their family has opened the door for many of my students to express their needs." 

-Roxi Wakeen

 (Educator of 43 years and a mother of an adult special needs child)

"I have had the opportunity to have Lauri, Brittany and Lindsey Moreland present to a university class that I teach at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Students in this class have reported to me that they found this presentation extremely helpful as future teaches. They reported that they have found it helpful in the following ways:

1. In gaining an understanding of autism, learning disabilities,  and mental illness from first hand experiences.

2. In providing them with tools and strategies to provide quality teaching not only to students with autism but all needs. This includes focusing on proactive and strength driven teaching.

3. To help with the understanding of how all students should be viewed as individuals and that many of their needs are more alike then different.

This presentation is very informative and provides a helpful resource to families, educators, students, and communities."

-Sheila Behrendt

"Thank you again Lauri, Brittany, and Lindsey! We appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to present very vital information about Autism to our students. I truly believe after talking with the students today, that your story has touched each of their hearts and will help them become better occupational therapy assistants. Thank you so much!"