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April 2nd National Autism Awareness Day

University of Wisconsin, River Falls

10 am and 6 pm

*Location to be announced soon.

Open and Free to the Public

April 4th Willow River Elementary

6:00 PM  Willow River Auditorium

Open and Free to the Public

Selling Books, Shirts, and Art

April 11 and 12th

Kalahari, Wisconsin Dells

April 13th

Fraser Walk for Autism


Our Family (Todd, Lindsey, Brittany, and Lauri)

Our Mission


  • By sharing our family story of living with autism and mental health concerns, we hope to inspire others to survive, live, and thrive in today's society. 
  • Our mission is to share our story through our book, speaking engagements, and consulting with families.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


We're scheduling new engagements for the 2019-2020 school year.  Contact us below to reserve your date!

Lindsey's Artwork


Amazing pencil artwork done by Lindsey! View art and message if interested in purchasing a piece.

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Release date: December 18, 2017

Autism: A Family Lives Beyond the Label